"The forces of darkness will seem
to be influencing the planet
but this is not true.

The focus behind the darkness
want you to believe but
the forces of light
have pushed the balance to the side
of light.

Shift your attention to light, you, love
all around you and all the time.

Simply focus on the light.
Feel it’s power within your being.

I am healthy and rich with each breath
of light.

See the light filling every cell of your
body - it is instantaneous.

Even the deadest of food can be enliven by
the power of the blessing of the food.

Hold hands above food and drink,
thank and bless all beings
and dimensions.

And see light from central sun
into crown chalkra.

See and feel the light filling your
body with health and energy.

You add light to the world when you
do this.

Bless food or other people with Love

When you do spiritual work I will
transform you from within.

It will be effortless by Divine Self
or I AM Presence.

It is the source of transformations in
your body.

Divine Self has all the Power and
Wisdom to make the transformations.

Be open and willing to follow intuition."