Feb 5th, 2017

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Chapter 1: Installing Zorin 12 to USB sticks

  • Download Zorin 12 from distrowatch here: http://distrowatch.com/?newsid=09642.

  • Download Etcher to burn Zorin 12 here: https://etcher.io/.

  • Burn the Zorin 12 iso to small usb stick (10 gig stick) to create a live distro of Zorin 12.

  • From the live Zorin 12 usb stick select install full versions to another larger usb stick (32 gigs or higher).

  • Reboot and begin setting up and installing Zorin 12 in Chapter 2.

Chapter 2: Installing Software for Zorin 12

(choose the items you would like to install)

  1. Connect to your wifi with your wifi password. Lower right or click Zorin, Settings, Network.

  2. Turn on your firewall. Click Zorin, Settings, Firewall, Status On, Minimize.

  3. Change your root password.

    • Enter in terminal (control alt t): sudo passwd root

    • enter new password

    • enter new password again

  4. Install Aptitude, Synaptic and Gdebi.

    • Enter Terminal: sudo apt-get install aptitude synaptic gdebi-core

  5. Install Leafpad, Geany, VLC, Konqueror, and InkScape from Software Center.

  6. Install FireFox Developer Edition here: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/developer/.

    • Right click the .deb file and extract to Download folder.

    • Click the firefox gear icon to run.

  7. Download Etcher and extract to download folder: https://www.etcher.io/.

    • Install Instructions: Now go to downloads in terminal and copy and paste to make executable:

    • chmod a+x Etcher-linux-x64.AppImage

  8. Install Alacarte or Main Menu (to edit menus in Zorin):

    • Enter terminal: sudo apt-get install alacarte

    • type main or menu or main menu to bring up “Main Menu” program from Zorin Search.

    • Create menu items and move things around as you wish.

  9. Install Min Browser (a minimalist browser)

    • Download from website here: https://minbrowser.github.io/min/.

    • Double Click the deb file to start Install. This loads the Software Center and wait for Min to show up and Click Install (ignore the bad package quality pop up).

    • Go to Downloads folder and remove Min deb install with remove to trash. You may need to Reboot to see the Min icon appear on the Internet section of Zorin Menu.

  10. Download music software Museeks here: http://museeks.io/.

    • Right Click to extract te deb file in downloads folder.

    • Go to the downloads folders, then go to the extracted museek.io folder and click the museek.io gear icon to run the program.

    • Now turn on the dark theme by Clicking round gears-spokes icon (lower left)

    • Then Click Interface, Click Theme and Enable dark Theme.

    • Click the Lines Tab lower left - Add your music later from external harddrive.

  11. Install Remarkable Markdown Editor

    • Download Remarkable from here: https://remarkableapp.github.io/linux/download.html.

    • Double Click to start Install. This loads the Software Center and Click Install.

    • Go to Downloads folder, Remove remarkable’s deb install with remove to trash.

    • Remarkable Icon is located in Accessories; you may have to reboot to see this icon appear.

  12. Install Scribus from Terminal (Control Alt T)

    • sudo apt-get install scribus

    • reboot

  13. Install Tmux from Terminal or Terminator

    • sudo aptitude update

    • sudo aptitude install tmux

    • sudo tmux new -s dev or you can install Terminator with:

    • sudo apt-get install Terminator

  14. Install Tor from here: https://www.torproject.org/.

    • Double click to install from download folder.

    • To run you need to tab the icon in the tor folder.

    • Run Tor before you run hexchat and log onto Freenode.

  15. Install HexChat and Fire Theme

    • Terminal Commands for HexChat Install:

    • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/hexchat-stable

    • sudo apt-get update

    • sudo apt-get install hexchat

    • Install Fire Theme for HexChat

    • Download Fire.hct theme here: https://hexchat.github.io/themes.html.

    • (might need control H to show hidden folders) in home directory

    • copy and extract Fire.hct to /.config/hexchat

    • reboot hexchat to see black fire theme.

  16. Install Fonts (extra fonts (raleway, roboto, arimo, titillum, and noto serif)

    • Download fonts from https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/raleway.

    • Open Files Folder, Click Home, Click control H, now right click for a new folder and name it .fonts

    • With Nautilus open Launch a Second tab with Control T

    • Copy or drag and drop your raleway font from download folder to .fonts folder.

    • Now Unzip your raleway font to the .fonts folder.

    • Now set the font in HexChat: Open hexchat,

    • Sselect preferences, click appearances,

    • On the right select raleway semi bold, select font 12.

  17. Install Python IDLE3

    • sudo apt-get install idle3

  18. An Example to Compile and Run a Program in C Language

    • GCC is a acronym for GNU Compiler Collection.

    • (Compilers for c, Fortran and others)

    • C Example:

    • Step 1: List Installed Compilers

    • dpkg –list | grep compiler

    • Step 2: Compile Program

    • gcc program.c

    • Step 4: Run Program

    • ./a.out

  19. Install VokoScreen Recorder from Terminal

    • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:vokoscreen-dev/vokoscreen

    • sudo apt-get update

    • sudo apt-get install vokoscreen

  20. How to Install Avideumux Video Editor

  21. Install Gnome Tweaks Tool to get access to Zorins Dark Themes

    • sudo apt-get intall gnome-tweak-tool

    • type tweak in zorin search, click tweak-tool, select settings and theme from appearance menu.

    • Currently using zorinBlue Light theme.

  22. Install TeamViewer (crossplatform)

  23. Handy Terminal Commands:

    • Update Linux

    • sudo apt-get update

    • sudo apt-get upgrade

    • sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

    • List Your Disks In Linux

    • lsblk

    • sudo fdisk -l

    • parted -l

    • Show the Full Path of a file

    • readlink -f filename.txt

    • Add or Remove a program

    • sudo apt-get install

    • sudo apt-get remove

Chapter 3: Pavucontrol Sound Instructions

Source: https://thelinuxexperiment.com/tag/pavucontrol/

  1. Install and Setup Pavucontrol

    • Install Pavucontrol: sudo sudo apt-get install pavucontrol

    • Setup Pavucontrol: (to play music and use mic at the same time)

    • Type pavucontrol from terminal to run.

    • Under TAB INPUT DEVICES goto the BOTTOM and select ALL INPUT DEVICES (original setting was all except monitors)

    • Now look for Monitor of Built-In Audo Analog Stero. this is a virtual recording device that will record anything coming from the speakers, left alone.

    • Now open a second terminal (control alt t) and setup microphone or loop back the microphone…from the terminal (only type once)…

    • (you will hear own voice in speakers)…

    • Type in Terminal: pactl load-module module-loopback

    • Now go to Recording tab and change Built In Audio Analog Stereo to…

    • MONITOR OF BUILT IN AUDIO ANALOG STERO (originally was build-in audio analog stero).

    • Now go to system tools, system settings, sound, click input and set Input Volume to Mute.

    • Or uncheck and your voice will be gone and only music. (you wont hear yourself and audience wont hear you either to play just music) ==== 25. Bonus Pavucontrol Article:

    • How to Manage Your Sound in Pulse: https://opensource.com/article/17/1/linux-plays-sound

Chapter 4: Play On Linux

(running a windows pc program with wine and playOnLinux)

(Note: These programs change every two weeks)

  1. Download the latest wine here: (currently wine 2.0) https://www.winehq.org/

    • Extract Wine to Download Folder.

  2. Download and extract to download folder Your PC Program (example: PAL-NG-724-PORTABLE.ZIP)

    • Click Start Menu, Wine, Play On Linux, Tools, Manage Windows Version and Select the newest version: (example: Wine 2.0)

    • Click yes where it says installs windows files when asked.

    • Next - Click Install a Program, Next - Click Install a Non-listed program (bottom), Click Next, Next, Install a program in virtual drive

    • type paltalk on the line, click next,

    • Check - Use another version of Wine and Click Next,

    • Highlight (latest version) Next, 64 bits windows installation, Next, Next…

    • Wine is being updated…

    • Browse to Paltalk Portable 726 in downloads folder and select it.

    • Click PAL’s extra program Add-On-Program Check Box as - NO - and it starts Download Components

    • Pal should be working!!! GOOD LUCK!!! or it might crash :)

Chapter 5: Download Software

YouTube-Dl and J Downloader

Youtube Downloader works on windows or linux. YouTube-dl Link: https://rg3.github.io/youtube-dl/

27. Install youtube-dl

  1. sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

  2. Copy your YOUTUBE URL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNBTZgBpfoY

  3. Open Up terminal (control + alt + t) and GOTO: cd /usr/local/bin

  4. To Change your file format to mp4 or webm type the #:

    • 18 : mp4 

    • 43 : webm 

    • youtube-dl -f (format code) (video URL)or real example…

    • youtube-dl -f 18 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kL4DG31tgRM

    • Note:

    • (The video downloads to the location you are currently at in terminal.)

    • (I just use youtube-dl (LINK))

28. Install J Downloader:

Chapter 6: Setting up FTP on ZORIN OS 12 and Android Phone

(Transfering pictures and files from phone to Zorin 12 Wirelessly)

29. Install FileZilla to Zorin OS from terminal with:

  • sudo apt-get update

  • sudo apt-get install filezilla

30. Install WiFi FTP Server from Google play Store On phone:

  • Run WiFi FTP Server From phone and hit START.

  • Hit Start, Internet and Run FileZilla from ZorinOS.

  • Type Server URL number into Host field on filezilla. ( after // and before color : ).

  • Type the Undername, Password and Port. (Port is the 4 numbers after the colon).

  • Hit Quick Connect and you should see your Phone… File System on the Right.

  • Now transfer any photos or video to your computer.

Chapter 7: Backup Tools: rsync, USB Imaging Tool, and Time Shift

32. Windows USB Imaging Software

  • Download Location: http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/usb_image_tool.html

  • Make an image of your usb when it is in perfect condition. For example image your ZorinOS Linux USB for backup if the USB should crash or get lost.

  • The reset command can clear and refresh hard to clean USB sticks.

  • When saving use the drop down arrow to save as .(extension file) and this will shrink the imge about 50%.

  • The restore command reloads the image to a USB.

  • You can even create favorites to favorite where your Images are saved.

33. TimeShift - Hardrive Image Backup:

Chapter 8: Tar and 7Zip

34. How to use tar command for backsups – 2DayGeek

35. How to use 7zip in Linux Terminal

  • Install 7zip:

  • sudo apt-get install p7zip-full

  • To zip Pictures folder from terminal:

  • 7za a -tzip -pmycrazypasswordhere -mem=AES26 picturs.zip Pictures

  • (don’t forget the p before the password mycrazypasswordhere)

Chapter9: Mount and UnMount USB from the Linux Terminal

Step 36 and 37

  1. Look for your USB Drive - Easy way to identify it is by GIG size: sudo fdisk -l

  2. Create a usb path location for mounting or setting the USB: sudo mkdir /media/usb

  3. Mount or Set the USB to the path: sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /media/usb

  4. When Finished Unmount the USB to the path: sudo unmount /media/usb

Chapter 10: Bash Turtorials

Step 38

References and Sources:
* All information is found on the web and correlated or (thrown together).
* Concept Contributions for Zorin 12 Full USB Install and Play On Linux Setup from the friendly and helpful people at http://surftopctech.com/.