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Main Book List

  1. The Disapperance of the Universe by Gary R. Renard

  2. Course In Miracles By Helen Schucman, Bill Thetford, Ken Wapnick

  3. "Dreams: Your Magic Mirror by Elsie Sechrist
    Edgar Cayce's Readings on Dreams)

  4. The Power of Now — By Eckhart Tolle

  5. The EDGAR CAYCE Collection: by Harmon H. Bro, Ph.D

  6. The Science of Mind - A Philosophy, A Faith, A Way of Life by Ernest Holmes

  7. The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

My Book wish list to read next:

  1. Love and a Map to the Unaltered Soul by Tina Louise Spalding

  2. Living the Law of One 101: The Choice by Carla L. Rueckert

  3. Jesus: My Autobiography by Tina Louise Spalding

  4. All Books by Paul Selig: Example: The Book of Freedom

  5. The Zero Point: The True Story a Woman's Cosmic Journey with Star Beings by Alexa Person

  6. Books By Drunvalo Melchizedek

  7. The full history of all Aliens from all dimensions — The Prism of Lyra - 1992

  8. Billy Carson drops qualitiy book sources for reading on Angels Page and has written his own books.

  9. In Conclusion: Some people like Drunavlo Melchizedek and Alexa Person claim to remember all there past lives. Some channelers explain how the universe works from channeled material like Marina Jacobi and Brad Johnson. Others have done deep research exploring our history like Billy Carson; while others do deep hypnosis to explain information in a unique, deeper, manner... Further, others explore the spiritual principles, (laws), found with: Unity Church, Science of Mind (religious science) church, Course in Miracles, and the Ra Group. In the end, it appears, if I where to quote Course In Miracles.... ["All voices appear to be the echoe for the voice for God. "] ... [" What do you want to see? "]

Extra Books:

  1. The Law of One Study Guide

  2. The Law of One Questions And Answers

  3. The Law of One PDF Book

  4. Nonotechnology and the Harmonic Reactor Free PDF books Marina Jacobi

  5. free pdfs may seem more extream... but may have key insights: "all life on earth having been created by advanced scientists from another world."

  6. Tracing History:
    Carl Jung and Wolfgang -> Alchemy -> Rosicrucians + Gnostism > Egypt -> Moses

  7. Trending Topics:
    Sacred Geometry, BioGeometry, Quantum Physics & Quantum Computing


  1. "... ye can not even think bad of another without it affecting thee in a manner of a destructive nature." — Edgar Cayce reading 2936-2

  2. "True perception is the basis for knowledge, but knowing is the affirmation of truth and beyond all perceptions."

  3. "Questioning illusions is the first step in undoing them. The miracle, or the right answer, corrects them."

  4. "How you perceive at any given time determines what you do, and actions must occur in time." — Course In Mircles

  5. "Your journey is one to love!" — Jesus Channeled Via Tina Louise Spalding

— Updated: July 16th, 2019