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  1. ["ETs are your FRIEND and are arriving for physical contact!" ]

  2. ["Meditate to be in THE NOW." ]

  3. ["Detox your body, don't eat so much commericalized foods." ]

  4. ["Get out in nature and only put positive content in your brain." ]

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  1. [" Lift the chains that bar the door to freedom and true awareness. "]

  2. "The only part of your mind that has reality is the part that links you still with God. "

  3. "Peace is of God. The Power of God Heals Everyone. "

  4. "The entire world of form is based on the false belief that cause and effect are separate." — ACIM

  5. "In the vibration of truth a lie can not be held" — Channeled Message via Paul Selig

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